About Us

Since its foundation in 1993, the Department of Computer Engineering has produced quality graduates for the industry sectors, including computer engineering, software engineering, and network engineering.  Many of our graduates are working in academia as researchers and instructors.  Our faculty and graduate students constantly publish research papers in international venues.



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Study Programs of the Department of Computer Engineering


The Computer Engineering department offers 4 different degree programs.


Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering

Bachelor Degree in Information Systems and Network Engineering (*)


Master Degree in Computer Engineering

     Plan A 1: Thesis Only (*)

     Plan A 2: Coursework and Thesis

     Plan B: Coursework and Independent Study


Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering

     Plan A: Thesis Only (*)

     Plan B: Coursework and Thesis


(*) English language programs can be offered to foreign students.


Department Credentials


Highly quality faculty

     - 19 lecturers educated to PhD. level in world class universities around the world, 5 Associate Professors, and 8 Assistant Professors.

Modern fully accredited curriculums

     - 8 Research Labs

The department has expertise in the fields of:-

Applied Computer Engineering

Computational Intelligence

Computer Vision

Embedded Systems


Data Engineering

Software Engineering

Theoretical Computing