Bachelor of Engineering in

Information Systems and Network Engineering (International)




The Information Systems and Network Engineering (ISNE) field is growing rapidly due to collaboration between business and IT organizations.  With the creation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 a more international perspective and collaboration is necessary.


In order to be working efficiently in this field in the future, one will need to have the ability to work with people who speak different languages. ISNE is designed to prepare students to have good language and technical skills for working effectively in an international environment.


ISNE is an international program (previously bilingual from 2012 to 2017). The total number of credits is 143 with 89 engineering credits that will be taught in English by professors who gained their Ph.D. from international universities. This includes professors who speak English as a native language and other experts in the field from within the faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University and external experts.


Computing is a dynamic area which requires continuously renewing knowledge and skills. With us, students can improve their skills, attain knowledge of tomorrow and be ready for working in this rapidly changing industry. Our academic and public services are developed from the expertise and knowledge from our world-class research which focuses on:

- Applied Computer Engineering
- Bioinformatics
- Computational Intelligence
- Computer Graphics
- Computer Vision    
- Embedded Systems
- Database and Networking
- Data Engineering
- Software Engineering
- Theoretical Computing


Students from this program will be equipped with both hard and soft skills and will accel in information systems engineering and network engineering which are crucial for competitive organization in this technology era. Network security, broadband network, data warehousing, pllatform programming, information systems, project management and IT service management are several samples of the required courses for junior and senior students.




Security Engineer, System Administrator, IT Consultant, IT Project Manager, Systems Analyst, Information Coordinator, System Architect, Network Engineer, System Engineer.


Course Examples


Mobile Application Development, Web Programming, Wireless and Broadband Computer Networks Traffic Analysis, Software Engineering, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Project Management and more.


Application process


- Thai University Central Admission System (TCAS) [All 4 intakes]

- Chiang Mai University International Program Admission System (CMU-IPAS) [All 4 intakes]

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The tuition rate is 50,000 baht per semester.


Differences between ISNE and CPE


The ISNE program emphasizes on the application of Systems Infrastructure including Information Systems and Networks in real life situations. In addition to Systems Infrastructure, Software Methods and Technologies and Application Technologies, the program will offer knowledge in terms of Organizational Issues & Information Systems Management that are not taught in general Computer Engineering programs. The program will offer Planning & Designing, Development, Maintenance, and System Recovery skills with an emphasis on the Soft Skills needed for an effective IT career as well. The Computer Hardware/Architecture areas in Computer Engineering are not the focus of ISNE.


The ISNE program is designed to prepare students with necessary knowledge and techniques so that students will be able to understand, design, and analyze systems accurately. This is achieved through learning in classes and practice in real world applications. Hence, students will be able to work effectively within the IT field alongside international personnel.


Course Structure

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